Last modified: April 11, 2019

Purism provides Librem One, a bundle of services that respect you and your privacy.


Our approach to privacy is simple — We respect and protect your digital life.

Purism is a Social Purpose Corporation entirely focused on protecting your privacy, security, and freedom.

No Ads

We do not have advertising.

No Tracking

We do not track you.

We Respect You

We do not sell nor share anything. We do not build personal, social, nor behavioral profiles of people. We do not alter nor shape user behavior. We do not target people. We do not control people.

We do build products, software, and services that respect society and your privacy. We do release all our source code as free software. We do protect people by default.


You are solely responsible for all content and activity that occurs in your account. Purism is not be held legally responsible for conduct or content on this service. Purism will cooperate with lawful requests.


You retain your copyright. Public messages are shared under Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 license terms. Write to takedown@puri.sm with any valid DMCA request.

Messages and Posts

Librem One messages and posts are divided into three types:

  • Public – published publicly for everyone to see and share.
  • Private – end-to-end encrypted for intended recipient(s) only.
  • Temporary – If it’s not public, and it’s not private, it’s temporary and deleted after 30 days.


  • Librem Social is public, always.
  • Librem Chat is optionally private or temporary.
  • Librem Mail is optionally private or temporary.
  • Librem Tunnel is private or temporary with no logging.


Account names cannot be reused, avoiding identity abuse. A canceled account deletes all data and that account name is gone forever. A lost password without a recovery address is gone forever.

Communication from Purism

Purism will generally not contact you for any reason except in the following situations:

  • A security vulnerability or data breach has been discovered
  • To share product changes or changes to your account or to this policy
  • A lawful request for account information was received